A good daiye at werk

so having said a mere few hours ago that i had to go to sleep because i had werk in the morning, i have discovered that now i do not.
i was asked yesterday by my good friend Mr Tee if i could cover his shift today, i said yeah, cos i liek my job and i gets me some earnings for it. then i turned up at werk this morning and found that another member of the crew was also asked to cover the same shift – but Mr Tee wasn’t two timing us, no. we had both been asked by two different people to werk today. i was asked by Tee himself, while the other dood was asked to cover the shift by the big boss (who ain’t that big). obviously, my opportunity was overruled.
the lesson here is that while werking for a local independent company has many advantages over werking for larger scaled companies liek Mcdozies, it can also have a few drawbacks.

now i’m gonna..
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