captains log,

Today i woke up and went to sleep so many times i lost count, do not be mislead by the title of this post!

I went to school today, “what, you went to school, on a Sunday!” “yes! and i enjoy the love!” We were doing tech rehearsals for our Drama exam on Tuesday. it was turning a piece of drama into a piece of theater. Linz gives good hugs! I don’t know who reads this blog, but if you’re in the area do come to the exam – it’s on Tuesday, at 19:30 at the Masque Theater!

Smallville was ok today, Clark got amnesia.

Charmed sux, i never watched it before, i fell asleep. I woke up and mummy was liek “dood, you were asleep for liek 2 hours” i just said “O!” and got ready for church!

Theres no point in having more money than you need!

we came 3rd in the pub quiz (again)!

You gotta be sizzlin’ hot, or ice cold! Revelation 3:16

Blog tomorrow!
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charmed sux
i missed smallville 🙁


Im taking Bacon Butty cooking at university. Its a Sandwich course.
Charmed is quite good under the influence of Marujana and/or Mountain Dew. Lee likes to drink paintbawls guana. O rly?

Ya rly.
Invasion Sucks.
I missed Church 🙁

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