today was the carol service at church. i wisely sacrificed my last bottle of Evian because i knew my throat would get sore from all the singing. i like Evian, and i like Jesus!

Then i went to the pub for the quiz, i had 3 pints and i’m still stable, so thats cool with me! we didn’t win the quiz though 🙁

i spent the rest of my day adding to my essay, which still isn’t finished, but it’s making progress!

thats about it from my life in todays existence. but i will point out today that i love my friends, i will name a few of them, i love Jesus, Nosebleed, and T-dog, Mellors, CoGers, Spud, Leanspartan, and Quez. I love them all, and i am glad that i have such lovely people as them as my bestest friends ever.

School will be nice in the morning, i only have drama in the afternoon. i like drama. i still haven’t asked Mr. Martin about posting the exam piece on YouTube, i’ll do that tomorrow and see what happens!
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