103rd Blog Post: Best of March/ maybe April 2007

i know time stops when I’m not blogging, but don’t let that hinder you, for if you read this blog you begin to comprehend the idea of being outside of time!

this blog is now just one of the corners of McKlatch.com. you n00b.

i heard from word of mouth that England‘s youth statistically have the worst quality of life – i think this makes me want to move to Nigeria.

*Kettering is the small town where i live**
**in the UK, not in OH***

*hannibal oreo eats the oreo poo..* (this is ok because oreo poo is the white delight in the middle!)

When i played the part of Satan in Steven Berkoff’s ‘Messiah’ i decided to unroll the character as an American televangelist. i put on the accent and i carried a microphone. o the humor in the idea!

My school only promotes Homosexuality!

My life is officially better than yours* – There is a flash game of the place where I used to work!

I would be ok with wondering around in a shirt that declares my love for Ally McBeal without me knowing it!

A motorized rotating living room definitely costs more than a PSP (a handheld games console)

The punishment for copyright theft should be execution

Major Victory Remains at the top of my favorite obscure superheroes list!

I am taller than most film actors – respect me

The cake was the manifest of icing and various sponges, but not sea sponges. That could be dangerous! I’ve heard that they can reform into a supersponge inside you. – Actually, there was only one type of sponge, her name was Vicky.

I am so happy to have such an amazing girlfriend right now 😀

Writing a blog has increased the size of my youknowwhat*, I’m gonna get a great job working for google!

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