100th Blog Post: Best of November/December 2006

OM WOWZORD WTFrag IHAB (i have a blog)

It turns out that my dear friend Nosebleed can open, and drink, from a bottle of Evian without using his hands or any other aid apart from his body (so elbows and lips). i imagine it being a handy skill as long it doesn’t cause paralysis of the arms, because if it does, there’ll be a worldwide ban on plastic bottles and we’d all have to drink Evian like astronauts, only quicker because time is faster on earth!

You gotta be sizzlin’ hot, or ice cold!
Revelation 3:16

I really want to have a Wii! i would just love to proclaim out loud “i enjoy playing with my Wii” but it’s not out yet, and even when it is i won’t be able to afford one. i’ll just have to play with someone else Wii instead!

“In my dream last night i had a Wii!”
Kids, I don’t wee in my bed! you shouldn’t either! i really would not like that!

Speaking of Juiced out, myself and NoseBleed were talking about how the inside of an orange is actually… Well, NoseBleed says black…. i think the inside of an orange is void! this is obviously not something that is easy to predict. someone said, “dood, just cut the orange open!” and we were liek, “you n00b, you know that when the inside of an orange is in contact with light it becomes orange and fruity!!!!” Bleh, some people today!

Yeah, i don’t sleep in a bed, i haven’t got a bed! i haven’t slept in a bed since i was in NJ (and that was a fold out sofa-bed)! it’s good, i like it. bed’s are so overrated! (anyone who say’s “no they’re not!” is only proving my point!)

My dear friend Quez learned about the delights of contraceptives today! she didn’t know what they were (awww). Unfortunately i was the lad who had to explain them to her. it only came up because i jokingly considered creating Charles Rennie Mackintosh themed contraceptive dispensers for my Design project! she was liek “What’s that” She is an admirable lady. very funny! after discovering that i called her a “gentleman” in my previous post, she tried to convince me that she was a hermaphrodite, and so i said, “i’ll mention that in my Blog” and then she told me that she was in fact a lady! so I’d just like to take a moment to declare that Quez is in fact a lady!
There! (lolz, i linked to my previous post)

“The sky looks bigger from higher up because you’re closer to it!”

# I went to a student council meeting – the lower school want cheerleaders!
# I like cheerleaders!

I liked the Power Rangers when i was little, actually in all honesty id still watch the old ones now if i had them on DVD, it’s rly good! the new ones suck. i was watching Power Rangers STD on Jetix the other day (STD EMERGENCY GO!), and i thought, why didn’t they come to school for the talk on sexually transmitted diseases!

Its a multiplayer First Person Shooter on the PC, and you play as a member of a rainbow six swat counter terrorist first encounter assault reconnaissance joint ops team. but, you’re outside of time!

just picture yourself going through the tunnel into bombsite b on dust2 and you get pwned as you come out, but when modé spectato comes on, you see yourself in the past or future pwning the dood who just pwned you from behind him (but before he actually gets you so you don’t rly enter spectator mode)!
it’s like that, except you can freeze time too so it’s all pretty pointless!

i just sat there and looked at her like a retard. (“McKlatch, why are you looking like a retard”)

I was pregnant once!

those of you see me quite a lot will know that i only drink Evian when it comes to the water consuming department, mainly due its great taste and super healing powers.

Lag in Counter Strike sux, it makes me get shot when i should have shot someone else. My game doesn’t feature lag! not just because the game is outside of time, but because on the back of the box it actually says “NO LAG”. Valve would never be that generous to their consumers (consumers: people who eat things).

*yes, my humor** is researched
** yes, i spell like an American – but i like to call it international English!

the box was inside a cover slip made out of card, and i found that whenever i pushed into the bottom of the box, a bit would come out of the top until i pulled my finger out again. i did this a few times, turned around and said to my fellow humans in the store “look, it’s an interactive movie!” just a few smiles, if you’re wondering, thats all.

I have a driving test pass certificate now – i’m gonna store it in my humps!

i would have gone “hey it’s Barbie! ROCK!” But thats not how it went. i received this card today as an 18 year old man

I’ve just proof-read everything that’s been typed in so far. and i am not impressed, i do not like this post. i think the writer could do a much better job than this, and he has proved it before. however, i cannot be bothered to make changes, so it will stay how it is.

Enjoy the blogliness! no-one really reads it, i mean, look at the comments! but i enjoy writing it!
Love the blogliness! (advertise my blog!!)
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