1 down 10 to go

so i did an essay! i had 11 essays to do! and now i have only 10 essays and a final draft of an essay to complete! do excuse the exclamation marks! for these are exclamations!

I sit here now with my peanutbutter-jelly sandwiches and a small cup full of pills on my desk. this is the life! (the little green ones help me with my period pains! – i feel like i live in a mental institute)

now although my previous blog said that i had lot of things planned for today, i actually only woke up about 1 this afternoon, so i didn’t do much at all. i didn’t get to have breakfast, watch Power Rangers, (visit my local Kingdom Hall for the christingle service) or anything! it was just another Sunday!

I liked the Power Rangers when i was little, actually in all honesty id still watch the old ones now if i had them on DVD, it’s rly good! the new ones suck. i was watching Power Rangers STD on Jetix the other day (STD EMERGENCY GO!), and i thought, why didn’t they come to school for the talk on sexually transmitted diseases!
one of the power rangers is actually a giant blue dog, its multiracial – i think its just another one of these whole government PC plans everybody seems to be jumping on, like surrendering our stem cells and marrying gay people.

I don’t actually know what a Christingle is (comment responses please). all i know is that it involves an orange being stabbed with a C4 alternative, and lots of kids going “wow….. it’s an orange with a C4 alternative stuck in it”
It has the Christ- prefix on it, so i guess its a christian/christmas thing – i just don’t get how it fits into the nativity story of the gospels. “oh look the king has been born, here, have an orange with an candle innit!”

Planting the bomb in CS should feature a new character animation – the terrorist actually pulls out a trowel and digs a small hole in the ground, and then rests the bomb in the hole and covers it back with dirt “Bomb has been planted” – thanks to NoseBleed for that one!

Goodnight yaw!
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